On November 25th 1960, in the Dominican Republic, three women were clobbered to death by the henchmen of the dictator then at the head of their country, General Rafael Trujillo. Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa Maribal were vibrant, educated and courageous women who resisted not only Trujillo’s violent and bloody regime, but the man itself. […]

somatic narcissists: beautiful worthless shells

Most of us display narcissist traits and experience what psychologists call healthy narcissism—a healthy, functional love of self. Through this state, gratefulness for the good that we recognize in ourselves and thankfulness for our innate/acquired abilities both mark our personality. With healthy narcissism, our self-esteem and our sense of security can waver without permanently threatening […]

What is Sociopathy?

Disclaimer: My expertise lies in my ability to make sense of what happened to me-  and me only. I was given (or took…) the opportunity to study, from up close, an individual who displayed extreme character disturbances.  This led me to dive head first into the subject of sociopathy, psychopathy and malignant narcissism. What follows is […]

Inhaled: An Introduction

What was meant to be a lifelong, passionate affair had shrunk intoa minuscule version of itself, slowly burning out at its core, leaving thesimmering ashes to become a cold powder. I never thought my years ofmarriage were perfect. Who’s are? But, I had held the firm belief that tobetter one’s relationship, however flawed, you must […]