somatic narcissists: beautiful worthless shells

Most of us display narcissist traits and experience what psychologists call healthy narcissism—a healthy, functional love of self. Through this state, gratefulness for the good that we recognize in ourselves and thankfulness for our innate/acquired abilities both mark our personality. With healthy narcissism, our self-esteem and our sense of security can waver without permanently threatening […]

The healing power of a booty call

To heal from abuse, be it narcissistic or psychopathic abuse, is a process mined with hurdles. When I emerged from my nightmare, numb and fearful of almost everything male, I barely felt alive. I was unable to sustain the level of concentration required to fuel a proper conversation. I avoided social gatherings and family events, […]

The power of the trauma bond

  “Why don’t you leave him? Why are you staying?” they always would ask me as I clung to the barely visible fragments of dignity I had left in me. Still, to this day, I must admit, when I rewind and replay these questions in my head, anger resurfaces, fuelled by their lack of understanding […]