With her marriage failing, Isabelle cannot ignore the opportunity life has given her: the opportunity to enter a new world—a world of sexual freedom. Quickly seduced and hypnotized by Patrick, a Nicaraguan man she meets online, she gradually begins to understand something about him is amiss. Silencing her own intuition, Isabelle falls into the arms of hope: a hope she keeps weaving into a new reality, putting her life and that of her daughter’s at risk.

In this romantic thriller, where sex is used both as a weapon and a cure, Isabelle exposes with great lucidity, the dangers of becoming entangled with a person whose character is poisoned by narcissistic and sociopathic traits. Set primarily in New England, this is the story of a woman’s struggle to seek stability where none can be found. It is the story of a woman’s desperate need to surrender and escape, whatever the price.

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Just WOW…I am truly in awe with Duval’s sophisticated and suspenseful language. I constantly had shivers while reading this book and truly felt like I could vividly feel the presence of each character. Duval does not disappoint when it comes to creating a very intriguing and gut-wrenching atmosphere that consistently leaves the readers wanting more.”
– Joanne Smith, Goodreads reviewer

A beautiful novel reflective of the intricacies and realities of love, hurt and healing. The author manages to capture the pain of wanting human connection without losing oneself in toxicity for fear of being alone – I was unable to put it down for three days! Well worth the read for anyone looking to be captivated in another person’s reality all while connecting and relating to them.
– Anne-Julie Beaumont, Amazon reviewer

Compelling and raw, this book takes you on a disturbing journey into depravity and the hold that some men can have over us, no matter how strong of character we may be. This is about a wronged woman trying to heal who instead chooses poorly, and through her story makes you realize that this could happen to any one of us. I couldn’t put it down!
– Katia, Goodreads reviewer